Meet Barbara

Barbara Taylor Blomquist’s work reflects her 30 plus years of experience working with hundreds of adoptive families. Barbara’s insight, wisdom,  compassion, and empathetic counseling style have endeared her to the families she has worked with.

Her passion is to strengthen adoptive families by helping prevent them from experiencing some of the traumas her family experienced while raising their adopted children. To help achieve that goal, during the past 30 years she has served as an adoption consultant, created and coordinated adoption support groups, and was a board member of several children’s organizations. She also was employed by Epworth Children’s Home, as well as a children’s counseling service.

She is a published author with four books to her credit, all centering around adoption.  Through the years, Barbara’s books have been listed on multiple adoption sites as recommended reading.

“Insight Into Adoption” is a manual for everyone involved in adoption.  It explains the rarely discussed logic behind  issues unique only to adoptive families.

“Embracing the Adoption Effect”  relates 29 stories of families touched by adoption.  Intense interviews with adoptees, birth parents, and adoptive parents disclosed secrets and frustrations and amazing love that is innate within the adoption world.  Impressive stories as told by remarkable people.

“Randy’s Ride” is a novel which takes the reader into the thinking of a teenager who feels he doesn’t belong in his adoptive family.

“Searching for Abby” is a novel which takes the reader into the thinking of a happily married mother of three who thinks she will be complete only after she finds her original identity with her birth family.

The books take both “Randy” and “Abby” through life experiences which show them what is really important in their lives. Her books received wonderful reviews from the American Adoption Congress magazine and she was recently quoted in a news article for ABC news. Periodically, Barbara appears on local St. Louis television and radio shows as a featured guest.



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