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I would love to hear from you! Please feel free to share your opinions and insights in the comments area of my blog or email me with any questions or comments you have about your adoption experiences.

My hope is to make a difference by helping adopted parents, adoptees and birthmothers better understand how we are all affected by the adoption process and how we can cope with adoption’s unique challenges and perspectives on a daily basis. Along with my personal parenting experience, my expertise comes from the countless hours spent working with and
interviewing those involved in the adoption triad.

I value your story and your privacy and will keep all communications strictly confidential. I can also be reached through email at



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  1. Hi Barbara,
    I requested a review copy of your latest book, received it, wrote a review and hope it will appear in the newsletter of the Vermont Adoption Consortium. I just sent a copy of the review to Michelle Whitman of Tate Publishing, as a thanks. I’d like to send the review to you as well. This doesn’t seem to be an email for you. Can you send me an email address that will take an attachment?
    Judith Bush

  2. Embracing the Adoption Effect rocks! Very balanced approach to adoption issues….whoops….the adoption effect! 🙂

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