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August 23rd – finally the 3rd edition of Insight Into Adoption  is released – as of today!

I went into quite a bit of detail in my blog #74 about the book, so I won’t repeat myself, but this 3rd edition has taken a long time to see daylight – 11 months going through the publishing process.

IIA #3 coverThis edition has over twice as many pages as the first edition which came out 15 years ago.  It’s expanded in pages and ideas and is ready now for a new generation of adoptive parents and adoptees to learn things about adoption previous generations weren’t told about.

In writing Insight Into Adoption I thought over and over again about all the families I’ve worked with throughout the years, as well as many of our friends who struggled with adoption and its special issues – as well as our own personal situation.   Keeping adoption issues quietly hidden from adoptees and their parents was a travesty.

I am so thankful my books are available, as well as many other good books, to shed light on the unique issues both adoptees and adoptive parents face.  So many of the issues are outside the familiar biological family situations most of us grew up in, so there is no way we could know – or could have known.

Thousands have read the first two editions of Insight Into Adoption and have told me how valuable it was to them.  Both this 3rd edition and my book published in August 2015, Embracing the Adoption Effect, include the discussion of birth parents and what their role is in the adoption world.  I think we all have a better perspective of adoption if we sincerely consider all three sides of the triad.

Adoption now can be much more harmonious with the understanding that goes along with increased knowledge. Those of us connected by adoption know all too well our lives will forevermore be different from others.  I’m grateful that through my books I’m able to shed a little light on why those differences make us stronger, more understanding and compassionate, and give a meaningful depth to our lives we wouldn’t otherwise have.




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  1. Received your new edition yesterday. I’m excited to delve into it. The look is fantastic!

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