#74 – Book Release – 3rd time around

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I have been very absent from my blog site and am just now feeling somewhat “normal” again.  For the last year and a half I’ve been involved in getting two non-fiction books published.  One in August 2015 (Embracing the Adoption Effect) and now one in August 2016 (Insight Into Adoption, 3rd edition, with the subtitle How the Adoption Effect Impacts Families).


There has been a lot of activity with the publisher, editors, deadlines, and manuscript changes.  Finally, the 3rd edition of Insight Into Adoption is out – it will be released August 23, 2016, but it is already listed and available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble and other sites. Now that both these books are completed, I feel all the effort has been very worthwhile.


This 3rd edition is enhanced from the original in that it is expanded – 20,000 more words.  It goes into detail about how people feel about adoption – and why people feel the way they do about adoption.  Adoptive families often feel alone because we are in the minority and feel many don’t understand our special challenges.  This book helps take care of that.


The 1st edition of Insight Into Adoption came out in 2001 and the 2nd edition in 2009.  Since then, more research has been done and this 3rd edition explains the “why” of our feelings. Specifically, it explains to adoptive parents how their adopted children look at life.  Knowing these answers and knowing others feel and think the same way we do is very reassuring to those who have felt alone and somewhat baffled by their family life.


Over the years, thousands have already read the first two editions of Insight Into Adoption and the response has been gratifying.  I know of one man who left home as a teenager and returned home  twenty years later – after reading the book.  He said he realized he (and his adoptive parents) were normal all along and he now could see the love they felt toward him.  Some adoptees have read the book and immediately given it to their parents saying, “Please read this.  It will explain me to you”.  Other adoptees have said, “I don’t know how you climbed into my head, but this book describes me to a tee”.


The old saying, Knowledge is Power, is so true when it comes to adoptive families.  For many years we were all lumped together with biological families.  There are many, many common elements, of course, but there are some crucial differences which the world is now starting to acknowledge. Understanding the logic of these differences can make a significant difference in the harmony and understanding within an adoptive family.


As adoptive parents we learn as the years go by that our love does not heal all of our children’s wounds.  The two books mentioned above explain why and give insight into how we can guide and support our precious children.  I feel gratified about being able to pass along this information that can make such a lasting impact on adoptive families.  I wish this information had been available to many of us years ago.








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