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Now that I’ve temporarily put my “modesty is a virtue” mantra on the shelf Searching for Abby– to be retrieved later of course, I have another scenario I’ve written about…. an adopted adult who has a good life, but still feels less than complete.


You don’t have to be adopted to feel incomplete, but adoptees have this feeling for a different reason. Non-adoptees can feel this because we haven’t accomplished what we think we might have accomplished.  Adoptees feel this because, even though accomplished, they feel a void of identity because they don’t know their original history.  This can be a very large issue for some adoptees, a stumbling block that robs them of the happiness due them.


Searching for Abby was written with that in mind.   The book is about a mid-30’s adoptee happily married with wonderful children.  She is pulled by the idea that she needs to know who she is to be happy and to know who she is, she needs to know where she came from.  She needs her original, biological history.


The book portrays a period in her life where she searches, finds information, then finds that information is not entirely accurate, but realizes she is the same person throughout this whole process.  She and her husband go on a journey after all of this, and she observes that the new people she meets just want to know her as she is now.  They don’t care about her background, or lack of background.  They deal with her today as she is today, and she is the person today that she has developed into.  She is responsible, not her history, or lack of history.  In other words, her problem is all in her mind and of no value to anyone else she interacts with.


Searching for Abby” shows this personal struggle within oneself.  If you think about it, our history is much more important to us than to any person we interact with.  They care about the person you are today, not your history.  Abby searched until she finally found herself, inside herself, hiding there all the time. Hopefully, readers can see this clearly and relate their own life to Abby’s journey.




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