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I haven’t been active on this blog in recent months since my energy has DSC02277gone into finishing up a book.  This book is different from my first three because it involves many people and their personal adoption experiences.


Some years ago, two adoption social workers and I interviewed all three sides of the adoption triangle with the purpose of writing a book involving the whole adoption picture – adoptees, birth parents and adoptive parents.  That book never came to fruition since the social workers were working full time in the adoption field and, in time, realized they didn’t have the time to put into writing a book. We all had recordings and paperwork from our interviews.  It bothered us that we had information, but these unique stories were never made public.  All those we interviewed wanted to remain anonymous, but they wanted their story to be heard. By not writing the book together, we felt we were letting them down.


Our interviews were long and often emotional, involving both tears and laughter.  The three of us were impressed with what we heard coming from adoptees, birth parents, and adoptive parents.  We saw their strength, their compassion, and forgiveness, and we admired their coping skills while they described how adoption affects them, both positively and negatively.  Their stories were impressive and the people were remarkable.


Last fall I decided to go ahead and write the book to fulfill our commitment to those interviewed.  The title of the book is Embracing the Adoption Effect and it was released August 18, 2015.  If interested, you can buy the book on Amazon, or at book stores, or contact me at btblomquist@gmail.com


Personally, I think the key to the book is that the reader will see not just one side of adoption, but all three.  There are 29 stories, about one third from adoptees, one third from adoptive parents, and a third from birth parents.  Everyone we talked with could look back upon decades of being affected by adoption. We so often see our lives only from our own point of view.  These stories show just how complex and involved every one single adoption is, each one involving and affecting many people.  Adoption is long reaching and long lasting.  Embracing the Adoption Effect” gives insight into the strengths and shortcomings of those involved.  After all, they are human, but each story also shows the reader just how admirable and magnanimous human beings can be.





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