#61 – “Don’t label me, please!”

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Anyone who is considerate and sensitive to another person’s issues we would call a kind person.  We would all like to be a person like that.

CB016197We all have labels that could be attached to us such as tall or short, thin or heavy, gregarious or quiet, creative or awkward.  But, we all know we are ever so much more than just a few words that could be attached to us.  Our adopted children are no different.

This blog is meant to discuss issues that adoptees have that we as non-adoptees may not be familiar with.  Sometimes the approach is very serious, but often the issues are very serious.  We do, however, need to keep in mind that being adopted is not all that our children are.  They are much, much more with characteristics unique to them as people.

Actually, our awareness of their adoptive issues opens our eyes to other characteristics they have because some of these traits may not be present in our biological relatives.  They may be new to us and unfamiliar, but opening our minds to the potential in our children is a blessing.  Labels can confine our thinking, putting our children into a category (adopted) which is only one of their descriptions.  We need to put it all in perspective, be aware of their adoption issues, but also of the whole child.

As the saying goes – “Labels are for cans, not for children”.


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