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This is really an entry to say I can’t add any more entries in December due to the usual things that break into our lives at busy times.


I’m in the final stages with the publisher for my third book, “Searching for Abby”, and spent 10 hours on Monday of this week going through the final layout and catching errors.  Between that and Christmas doings and my 6th call in 10 days to our Internet provider because the system keeps breaking down, I just can’t get to my blog – although I’d rather be there than in the middle of other life responsibilities.


In reviewing my new book ( a novel with a message), I read again about the power of personal attitude toward ourselves.  Everyone struggles with this at times – feelings of inadequacy, not being capable, feelings of we’re not doing all that we should.  Of course, the more negative our feelings are toward ourselves, the harder it is for us to break out of that “down” mentality.


The main character in my book goes through quite a lot before she realizes she can’t blame anyone but herself if she doesn’t feel good about herself. She used her adoption as her main excuse.   She is just as honorable a person as everyone she meets – and she finally realizes this by the end of the book.  That’s the message.


I’ve talked about this in other blog entries, but this really is so very key in the raising of our children.  They can’t blame adoption or circumstances for any shortcomings they might “think” they have.  These are just excuses, handy ones, but false excuses.  This applies to us all, not just to adoptees.  We all are in charge of our successes and failures.  When the failures come, we shouldn’t fall back on our excuses, but should learn what we did wrong, and start again.


So – I will take this time to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  I feel, like Thanksgiving, this is a time to regroup mentally and be grateful for the lives we have and the opportunity to be able to prepare our children for life.  No excuses for them or for us – just good, honest effort.  Not easy all the time, but what a blessed feeling we get when we know we’ve done our very best.  The children in our families may have arrived in our families through ways that are different from our relatives and friends, but what a blessing our children are….. and how blessed are we to help them grow into responsible adults.


Happy holidays, every one ……more in January……..



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